Bulletin Boards and Display Racks

Some bulletin boards and display racks in the library are set aside to allow community groups and individuals space to publicize their activities and exchange information of general interest to area residents.

Programs and events publicized through the library’s community-information areas should be compatible with the library’s purpose of providing educational, cultural, recreational, and information services to the community. The presence of a poster, brochure, flyer, or any other notice in the library does not necessarily indicate that the library either advocates or endorses the viewpoints expressed.

Materials to be posted must be approved by the Director or his or her designee. Permission shall be given based upon the limitations of display space, the timeliness of the material, and the relevance of the material to the civic, educational, informational, cultural, recreational, or vocational life of the community. The library will not display personal advertisements, or for-profit or commercial materials. Political materials may provide information on ballot issues only and will be non-partisan.