Check-Out Limits; Fines and Fees

For how long may I check out library materials?

  • All books, audiobooks, music CDs, and children's kits--2 weeks (14 days)
  • DVDs, Videogames, and magazines--1 week.(7 days)
  • Framed art prints--8 weeks (56 days)


How many times may these materials be renewed?

One renewal is equal in length to the item's normal check-out period.  Materials may be renewed  within the limits listed below, if no other patrons have placed a hold on that item.

  • Framed art prints--2 renewals.
  • Books, audiobooks, DVDs, music CDs,  videogames, magazines, Book Beginning kits--4 renewals.


Are there limits on how much I may check out?

Patrons who are limited to a total of 100 items checked out, with some additional limits listed below on what may be checked out on a library card at once.

  • Books--no limit. 
  • DVDs, audiobooks, music CDs--10 each.
  • Book Beginning kits--5.
  • Framed art prints--2.
  • SPARK early literacy learning backpacks--1.


What happens if I don't return library materials?

What are the overdue fines?

The library does not charge fines for overdue library materials.  When an item is long-overdue, the patron will be billed for the item's replacement cost plus a service charge; however, if the patron then returns the item in good condition, he or she owes only the overdue fines and not the replacement cost. 

How do you notify me?

  • When an item is 7 days overdue, a notice is texted, or e-mailed, or phoned to the patron.
  • When an item is 21 days overdue a second and final overdue notice is texted, e-mailed, or phoned to the patron.
  • When an item is 30 days overdue, it is considered lost, and a bill is mailed to the patron.  If the item is then not returned within the next 14 days, the patron's account may be turned over to Unique Management Services for collection and a $12.00, non-refundable, service charge will be added to the patron's account. 


What are the charges for damaged or lost library materials?

  • Minerva Public Library or SEO library item lost or damaged beyond further use--replacement cost listed in the item's library catalog record, plus a $1.00 service charge.
  • Item borrowed on interlibrary loan from outside the SEO consortium- lost or damaged--replacement cost levied by lending library, plus a $1.00 service charge.


Do I get a refund if I find and return a lost item that I had paid for?

Refunds are given for lost materials that have been paid for, and then found by the patron and returned undamaged within six months of the date of payment.