Giving to the Library

 Memorial and Commerative Gifts

     A gift of money for the purchase of library materials or equipment is a thoughtful way to to honor somone's memory, or to honor and acknowledge a special occasion such as a birthday, anniversary, or graduation.  When donating for the purchase of books, DVDs, CDs, etc., the donor may suggest subject areas, genre, or authors to be considered for purchase.  Library staff will be attentive to donor's suggestions and will make every effort to choose materials that will both be appropriate and useful to the library's collection and please the donor.  A bookplate inscribed using information provided by the donor will be placed in the material. 


Gifts and In-Kind Donations

     The Minerva Public Library encourages direct gifts as well as in-kind donations of library materials and equipment.  All in-kind donations are evaluated to determine whether they can be directly used by the library as part of the library's collection or servcies, or whether there is another way to make them useful to the library's mission.  For example, donated books are evaluated by library staff; some books may be added to the collection for library patrons to check out and enjoy, others may be added to the library book sale. 

     Memorials, endowments, commerative gifts, and direct gifts for the enrichment of the library that are not materials or equipment are certainly welcome.  The Director would like to discuss such gifts with the donor, and such gits are subject to review and approval by the Library Board of Trustees.

     The library is not able to appraise the value of donated items. However, the library will provide either a formal Acknowledgement of In-Kind Donation or a letter acknowledging a cash gift that the donor may use for tax purposes.